A Message from the Founder

Embarking on a professional journey with Apple felt like my destiny. Since childhood, I have been in awe of Apple's technology, amazed by the beauty of its design, and impacted by the genius of its founders. A decade working at Apple, immersed in its extraordinary culture, magnified my reverence for Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak—adding layers of respect and admiration for their vision and boldness. I'm sure these sentiments resonate with many individuals who, like me, adopted the I bleed in six colors code. According to Steve Jobs, the phrase defines those who love Apple. 

In 2020, I stepped out of my comfort zone to launch BigRedFruit.com, an underground online store for Apple employees. I intended to create a hub for fellow I Bleed in Six Colors enthusiasts, a platform that showcased merchandise embellished with unique artwork and messages highlighting our work experiences. Remarkably, the response was fabulous. The buzz spread organically, boosting morale and kindling a spirit of unity that truly moved me.  It became clear that the desire to express love and pride in the legacy of The Steves went far beyond Apple employees. 

At the end of 2022, Steve Jobs’s words, “Stay Hungry, stay foolish” stirred in me an unstoppable determination to make IBleedInSixColors.com a reality. This time, I would build a hub for the whole world to come together to celebrate their love affair with Apple. I selected January 24, 2024, as the launch date because of its symbolism - the 40th Anniversary of the Macintosh. 

If you are reading this message, we have launched, and IBleedinSixColors.com is a reality.  Welcome…Apple’s Legacy Lives Here!

Gabriel G. Iglesias, Founder

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